Check Out 체크 아웃 안내

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Procedure of Check Out 퇴사절차

  • 1

    Submit the Check out application form
    It will be distributed by administration Team 2~4 weeks before the actual check out date

    퇴사원서 작성 및 행정팀 제출
    행정팀에서 퇴사시기로부터 2-4주전 배부 예정
  • 2

    Get the inspection by R.A.
    R.A. will visit your room and conduct the room inspection.
    Check list : a. Room needs to be cleaned
                      b. Trash should be disposed
                      c. Toilet should be cleaned
    조교 호실점검
    학생생활관 조교가 호실에 방문하여 호실점검 실시
    점검사항 : a. 호실 청결도
                    b. 쓰레기 처리상태
                    c. 화장실 청소상태
    *R.A.=Resident Assistant
  • 3

    Leave the dorm
    Be sure to clean out all your belongings on your check-out date.
    All remains after your check-out will be regarded as disoposed and Residence
    Hall Administration Team do not take any responsibilities.
    퇴사 후 남아있는 소지품은 모두 처분되며 이에 대해 학생생활관에서는 책임지지 않음