Repair 고장 수리 접수

※ Checklist
To replace door lock batteries, please pick up the batteries directly from Residence Hall Administration Team.
For lighting and electrical facilities, please inquire at the Campus Electrical Room. (02.2220.0146~7)
For internet (Wi-fi), water purifiers, washing machines, and dryers, please contact the Management Company directly.
-Internet (Wi-fi): SK Broadband (070.4353.3332)
-Water Purifier: Taehan Hi-Tech (02.469.1050)
-Washing machine and dryer: Unilux (031.970.6730)

※ Required information
1. Room Number ex) Gaenari Hall #000
2. Requests (Attach photos if necessary)
3. Whether you are willing to receive repairs even if you are absent (If not, fill out the ‘Visit Schedule’ below)
4. Visit Schedule: Please specify between 08:30-17:30. (Available from the day after reception)

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After receiving a repair request, staff or technicians may visit without notice.
Please be sure to fill out all required fields. (Unable to visit if not filled out)
Please organize personal items so that secondary damage does not occur during work.